Property History

Originally known as Barth Alley, the name was changed to Zimpfer St. around 1920. According to Franklin County Recorder's office. The original 1920 entry lists a Gustave Poenisch as the owner of this property.  He owned G.F. Poenisch & Sons, a carpet weaving company and lived at 363 Seibert.  This information comes from the 1918 City Directory.  

Gustave bought the 366 Zimpfer property along with other lots in the Wirth, Barth and Huber Subdivision in February 1914.  Before that our research shows that Katherine Laganke bought the property in December of 1913. 

The site was acquired by Skyline Terraces, LLC in 2020 from a group of investors who were trying to develop the site but decided to sell the project instead. 

Construction Updates: (date wise as and when there is some progress)

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